Dead Things by Sarah to soon become... Vug Jewels.

Hello, all four of you who maybe happen upon this update. :) I mentioned back in the fall of 2018 that I was feeling around for a new name, to better reflect my move away from a mostly bone array of pieces, to there being only about 10-20% bone oriented pieces in my inventory at any given time. I have felt that the name has kept a certain amount of people from ever exploring my work, having seen the name and thought, “well, that’s just not for me!” Granted, maybe those kinds of people are too picky for their own good, but in order to make everything easier on everyone, and hopefully, widen my clientele base and number of stores who carry me, the end effect will be a much more fruitful life for your girl Sarah.

Thank you to everyone who has LOVED my work, even if the bone stuff skeeves you out. Thank you for so vociferously promoting my work on your social medias. Thank you for supporting me in every way that you have. I’m not going anywhere, and nothing is changing but the name, but I feel like you need to be told you’re very smart and pretty and I love you. *strokes your hair*

Now, why Vug Jewels? Well, a vug is a crevice in a rock, in which crystals form. You’ve seen vugs before—that’s basically what a geode is. The word geode refers to the whole rock, and what’s in side that geode is the vug. I love the kind of grossness of how the word feels in the mouth, so I am not getting too far away from the spirit of Dead Things, and that’s important to me. This isn’t a posh brand. This isn’t whimsical work. I have always made jewelry that is both femme and badass, and it will stay that way.

The big change should come by mid-April. I am working with my dear friend Lacey Guthrie on a new logo and some other little features, and then I’ve got to order new stamps and business cards and whatnot to transition over. So, don’t be surprised when you see me out at an art fair this spring, summer or fall, that you are no longer looking at Dead Things by Sarah. Vug Jewels for the future and beyond!