It's been a while...

So, it has been a bit of time since last there was an update. This has been a little bit by design; the political climate of 2016, and some events in my own life took a lot out of me, and it was difficult to keep focused on my work. I realized I'd been spending a great deal of energy focusing on the problems of others, and wasn't doing the level of self care I needed to be doing--effectively, I'd forgotten to put on my oxygen mask first, and was suffering for it. So I have been largely taking a break since fall, and haven't done any shows since early November, selling only directly through the Dead Things by Sarah Facebook page (where you can always find new pieces!).

That being said, the break did the trick, and my oxygen mask is now firmly planted on my face, I just updated the photos here of some recent work, and I am ready for this upcoming show season!

Here are some tentative upcoming dates!

Louisville, KY, 3/4-3/5: Flea Off Market at Fresh Start Grower's Supply
Louisville, KY, 3/18: Dark Market at Haymarket Whiskey Bar
New Orleans, LA, 3/30-4/1: Frenchmen Art Market on Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, LA, 4/1: Magazine Street Market

I hope to see you there!