Summer/Fall Dead Things on Tour!

With Spring now over, here's a listing of upcoming Summer and Fall cities and events at which you can find Dead Things!

Information will be updated as new events become scheduled.

Louisville, KY: 7/4-7/5, Flea Off Market
Portland, OR: 7/25-7/26, Renegade Craft Fair
Seattle, WA: 8/1-8/2, Renegade Craft Fair
Minneapolis, MN: 8/9, Caffetto Craft Fair
Cincinnatti, OH: 8/15, City Flea
Louisville, KY: 8/29, Highlands Festival
Louisville, KY: 9/3-6, Flea Off Market
Cincinnatti, OH: 9/15, City Flea
New Orleans, LA: 9/10-13, Frenchmen Art Market (dates not yet confirmed)
New Orleans, LA: 9/24-26, Frenchmen Art Market (dates not yet confirmed)
Cincinnatti, OH: 10/10, City Flea