Dead Things by Sarah to soon become... Vug Jewels.

Hello, all four of you who maybe happen upon this update. :) I mentioned back in the fall of 2018 that I was feeling around for a new name, to better reflect my move away from a mostly bone array of pieces, to there being only about 10-20% bone oriented pieces in my inventory at any given time. I have felt that the name has kept a certain amount of people from ever exploring my work, having seen the name and thought, “well, that’s just not for me!” Granted, maybe those kinds of people are too picky for their own good, but in order to make everything easier on everyone, and hopefully, widen my clientele base and number of stores who carry me, the end effect will be a much more fruitful life for your girl Sarah.

Thank you to everyone who has LOVED my work, even if the bone stuff skeeves you out. Thank you for so vociferously promoting my work on your social medias. Thank you for supporting me in every way that you have. I’m not going anywhere, and nothing is changing but the name, but I feel like you need to be told you’re very smart and pretty and I love you. *strokes your hair*

Now, why Vug Jewels? Well, a vug is a crevice in a rock, in which crystals form. You’ve seen vugs before—that’s basically what a geode is. The word geode refers to the whole rock, and what’s in side that geode is the vug. I love the kind of grossness of how the word feels in the mouth, so I am not getting too far away from the spirit of Dead Things, and that’s important to me. This isn’t a posh brand. This isn’t whimsical work. I have always made jewelry that is both femme and badass, and it will stay that way.

The big change should come by mid-April. I am working with my dear friend Lacey Guthrie on a new logo and some other little features, and then I’ve got to order new stamps and business cards and whatnot to transition over. So, don’t be surprised when you see me out at an art fair this spring, summer or fall, that you are no longer looking at Dead Things by Sarah. Vug Jewels for the future and beyond!

I'm real bad about keeping this updated

If you are looking for the latest news on where I'll be for shows, take a gander at the Dead Things by Sarah Facebook page, or feel free to write me an email at You can also write me any time about questions, commissions, and more!

Cured & Crafted at Copper & Kings April 14th!

Dead Things by Sarah will be at Copper & Kings for their annual Cured & Crafted show on April 14th! It's a wonderful little event at a truly beautiful space--a brandy distillery! They also make absinthe and several other spirits, and they do an excellent job. There will be an all-local array of food vendors, artisans, and more! It goes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., I hope to see you there!


Summer Shows With Dead Things by Sarah!


Summer is off to a grand start for Dead Things by Sarah. I just had a terrific late spring show in Indianapolis at the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, and for my next trick, I'll be in Cincinnati July 15th at the City Flea. You can find me up in Fort Wayne, IN in August, and see me and my wares back in my second home of New Orleans in September, plus a few shows in my roosting-city of Louisville in between!

I'm making ever-evolving new one of a kind pieces, as always. Lately I've really been into tiny semiprecious stones, delicately wrapped, and presented in sterling silver and copper. I'm also considering a move into brass. 

If you'd like to find me, here's where I'll be the next three months, and when the season shifts again to fall, I'll post another update. <3

Cincinnati, OH, 7/15: City Flea, Washington Park in Over The Rhine, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Cincinnati, OH, 7/29: OFF Market (waitlisted, not confirmed)
Fort Wayne, IN, 8/26: The Art Market, 300 E. Main Street, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Louisville, KY, 9/2-9/3: The Flea Off Market, Fresh Start Growers, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Louisville, KY, 9/9: Highlands Fest, in the Highlands on Baxter, 1 p.m.-10 p.m.
Cincinnati, OH, 9/16: City Flea, Washington Park in Over The Rhine, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (unconfirmed)
Louisville, KY, 9/23: The Flea Off Market, American Turners on River Road, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

Show Season Has Begun!

Here are my upcoming and tentative Spring show dates!

Super excited that show season has begun anew, this was a slooow winter! Can't wait to sit out in the sunshine and hang out and meet new fellow artists and a bunch of new awesome people who want them a Dead Thing, and loyal customers who always come back for more Dead Things! 

New Orleans, LA, 3/30: Frenchmen Art Market, Frenchmen Street next to the Spotted Cat, 6 p.m.-1 a.m.
New Orleans, LA, 4/1-4/2: Magazine Street Market, in the courtyard at Dat Dog on Magazine Street, 12 p.m.-6 p.m.
New Orleans, LA, 4/20: Frenchmen Art Market, Frenchmen Street next to the Spotted Cat, 6 p.m.-1 a.m.
New Orleans, LA, 4/22-4/23: Magazine Street Market, in the courtyard at Dat Dog on Magazine Street, 12 p.m.-6 p.m.
Minneapolis, MN, 5/20-5/21: Art-A-Whirl at Grainbelt Brewery, Broadway and Main, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Louisville, KY, 6/3-6/4: Flea Off Market at Fresh Start Grower's Supply, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. (tentative)
Indianapolis, IN, 6/17: INDIEana Handicraft Exchange, Harrison Center for the Arts, 12-8 p.m.

It's been a while...

So, it has been a bit of time since last there was an update. This has been a little bit by design; the political climate of 2016, and some events in my own life took a lot out of me, and it was difficult to keep focused on my work. I realized I'd been spending a great deal of energy focusing on the problems of others, and wasn't doing the level of self care I needed to be doing--effectively, I'd forgotten to put on my oxygen mask first, and was suffering for it. So I have been largely taking a break since fall, and haven't done any shows since early November, selling only directly through the Dead Things by Sarah Facebook page (where you can always find new pieces!).

That being said, the break did the trick, and my oxygen mask is now firmly planted on my face, I just updated the photos here of some recent work, and I am ready for this upcoming show season!

Here are some tentative upcoming dates!

Louisville, KY, 3/4-3/5: Flea Off Market at Fresh Start Grower's Supply
Louisville, KY, 3/18: Dark Market at Haymarket Whiskey Bar
New Orleans, LA, 3/30-4/1: Frenchmen Art Market on Frenchmen Street
New Orleans, LA, 4/1: Magazine Street Market

I hope to see you there!


Summer Dead Things On Tour!

Dead Things by Sarah has already had a super busy spring and apologizes for not keeping this updates section updated! We took a road trip out to Los Angeles and are now in a wonderful store on Sunset Boulevard called Spacedust! We have also spent a lot of time in New Orleans and we are about to head down there again for our last series of shows until September. 

Here's what the next few months look like:

Indianapolis, IN: 6/11, INDIE-ana Handicraft Exchange @ 1505 Delaware Street (I'll be on 16th)
Louisville, KY: 6/12, Dark Market @ Haymarket Whiskey Bar
New Orleans, LA: 6/23-6/24, Frenchmen Art Market
Indianapolis, IN: 7/9, Indy Flea (not confirmed)
Cincinnati, OH: 7/16, City Flea @ Washington Square Park
Louisville, KY: 9/3-9/4, Flea Off Market
Louisville, KY: 9/10, Highlands Fest

Over all, we are trying to pare down the number of shows we do and are trying to spend a little more time in Louisville in the coming months. We hope to get a fully operational near to real-time online store up and running by the end of the year!

New Orleans February Residency!

During the month of February, Dead Things by Sarah will be vending over a dozen days and nights at three different art markets in New Orleans.

Here's our schedule:

2/5: Frenchmen Art Market 7-1 a.m.
2/6: Magazine Street Art Market 11-7 p.m.
2/7-2/8: Frenchmen Art Market 7-12 a.m.

2/13: Frenchmen Art Market 7-1 a.m.

2/19: Frenchmen Art Market 7-1 a.m.
2/20: The ALL NEW Decatur Art Market! 7-1 a.m.
2/21-2/22: Frenchmen Art Market 7-12 a.m.

2/25: Frenchmen Art Market 7-1 a.m.
2/26: Decatur Art Market 7-1 a.m.
2/27: Frenchmen Art Market 7-1 a.m.

We hope to see you out! There is a whole new line of gorgeous springy baubles to be gotten!

Fall/Winter Dead Things On Tour!

It was a busy, busy, busy summer. Hardly a weekend went by without my packing everything up and heading out to an art fair somewhere in the US. I drove my van out to Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis over three weeks at the end of July-beginning of August, had two days home in Louisville, and was back out on the road to Cincinnati. I had a couple of weeks home and was back on the road to New Orleans. All the while sleeping in my van along the way, at truck stops, wayside rests, and on quiet residential streets. I like this life; it suits me. I would get into a routine of being asleep about two hours after the sun went down, and up with the sun, before it got too hot in the van. I'd get changed, pour a bowl of cereal and mix up an iced coffee from my cooler, then find the nearest place to brush my teeth. Sure, showers were few and far between, but that honestly doesn't bother me much. Being on the road gives me a joy in my soul unlike any other thing. And the gorgeousness of this country is vast and weird and wonderful. I really hope to get out East this coming year for a similar tour.

Upcoming Dates:

Louisville, KY: 10/24, Highland Flea, Highland Community Campus
New Orleans, LA: 11/20 & 11/23, Frenchmen Art Market
New Orleans, LA: 11/22, Magazine Street Art Market
Minneapolis, MN: 11/28, Small Business Saturday at Fair State Brewing
Cincinnati, OH: 12/12, City Flea Holiday Show, Washington Park
Louisville, KY: 12/19, A Very Portland Christmas, Nelligan Hall

Summer/Fall Dead Things on Tour!

With Spring now over, here's a listing of upcoming Summer and Fall cities and events at which you can find Dead Things!

Information will be updated as new events become scheduled.

Louisville, KY: 7/4-7/5, Flea Off Market
Portland, OR: 7/25-7/26, Renegade Craft Fair
Seattle, WA: 8/1-8/2, Renegade Craft Fair
Minneapolis, MN: 8/9, Caffetto Craft Fair
Cincinnatti, OH: 8/15, City Flea
Louisville, KY: 8/29, Highlands Festival
Louisville, KY: 9/3-6, Flea Off Market
Cincinnatti, OH: 9/15, City Flea
New Orleans, LA: 9/10-13, Frenchmen Art Market (dates not yet confirmed)
New Orleans, LA: 9/24-26, Frenchmen Art Market (dates not yet confirmed)
Cincinnatti, OH: 10/10, City Flea

And a Dead Thing on Conan!

As if it weren't heady enough to have Houndmouth's Zak wearing one of my antler numbers on Letterman (which I can only assume he has since destroyed, cuz it was in real bad shape the last time I saw him a month ago in Indianapolis!), this week, Katie wore one of my crystal necklaces on stage, that she's been seen wearing pretty much every day of late. 

I can't seem to embed the video, so here's the link!

I can't seem to embed the video, so here's the link!

Katie of Houndmouth Killin' It In Her Dead Thing

I love scrolling through social media to see my friends and people who have purchased my work wearing it. I especially love scrolling through and seeing someone wearing my work every night on stage in front of hundreds of people. It's an honor, and it warms the little cockles of my heart.

Dead Things on Tour

Here is a listing of upcoming Spring/Summer cities and events at which you can find Dead Things!

Information will be updated as new events become scheduled.

Louisville, KY: 5/9-5/10, Flea Off Market
New Orleans, LA: 5/12-5/15, Frenchmen Art Market 
Louisville, KY: 5/23, Fleur de Flea 
New Albany, IN: 5/24, Boomtown Festival
Louisville, KY: 6/5-6/7, Flea Off Market
Louisville, KY: 6/20, Clifton Festival
Louisville, KY: 7/3-7/5, Flea Off Market
Portland, OR: 7/25-7/26, Renegade Craft Fair
Seattle, WA: 8/1-8/2, Renegade Craft Fair (not yet confirmed)
Minneapolis, MN: 8/9, Caffetto Craft Fair
Louisville, KY: 8/29, Highlands Festival

Dead Things In Store(s)

Wondering where you can get yourself your very own Dead Thing in a city near you? We are always expanding locations to find our jewelry and hope to extend our burgeoning small-business empire out to Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle yet in 2015, but for now, you can find us at these rad retailers:

Gumball Collective, Minneapolis, MN
i like you, Minneapolis, MN
Tao Natural Foods, Minneapolis, MN
Bermuda Highway, Louisville, KY
Consider Boutique, Louisville, KY
Pink Door Boutique, Louisville, KY
Gift Horse (S. 4th location), Louisville, KY
Hail, Nashville, TN
Miette, New Orleans, LA