Dead Things by Sarah

I, Sarah Moeding have collected "dead things" for over twenty years. It seemed obvious at some point several years ago to start creating beautiful, wearable objects with these bones, and other ephemera. I am committed to using only bones and fur from road kill, pest animals, and other ethical resources, and I work almost exclusively with other small businesses to make my jewelry happen, in general. Combining bones with semi-precious stones, raw and patina copper, vintage chains, found objects, and more, I create a line of almost completely one of a kind pieces that are durably made, and lovingly crafted.

If you are interested in a Dead Thing of your own, you can buy directly through my (oft limited) store here on this site, you can contact me via fb or IG if you see something you like there, and you can find Dead Things by Sarah in Louisville, KY at Dot Fox, Consider Boutique, and Unorthodox, in Nashville, TN at Hail, Dark Aesthetics, in New Orleans, LA at Miette, in Indianapolis, IN at Homespun: Modern Handmade, and at Spacedust in Los Angeles, CA. 

For custom orders or any questions, please email me at deadthingsbysarah@gmail.com

As for my personal life, I am the loving owner of four ridiculous cats, Gaia, Odin, Igor and Henry. Gaia is 21 and almost without a doubt, immortal. Odin is ten and prefers to be left alone to sleep, until he doesn't. Igor and Henry are soon to be nine and are from a feral colony at my parents' house out in the country that's basically inbred itself to death--Igor has one eye, and Henry has two rows of bottom teeth, and they're absolute loves. My family is mostly in Minnesota, and I grew up in rural South Dakota and Minnesota. I moved to Louisville, KY in 2013, and live with my boyfriend, Carter, in a quiet neighborhood near a creek, excellent bars where bourbon is cheap and poured with a heavy hand, and restaurants we never have money to go to. I love hard and am probably more sincere than you're used to; I pull no punches and believe in earnest honesty above most things, but I'm pretty boss at making folks laugh, too.